Blockchain Governance DApp

Seamlessly integrate your organization into the blockchain.

Core Features

The BoardRoom apparatus provides a complete blockchain governance platform that empowers organizations with the power of the blockchain.

Decentralized Consensus

Table proposals that are computational contracts which can be voted on and executed through democratic assembly.

Middleware Extensibility

Extend your boardroom's functionality to any service on the Ethereum ecosystem with adaptive BoardRoom middleware.

Completely Encrypted Comms

Leverage Ethereum's extensively tested Whisper communication and Swarm file-sharing protocols to limit espionage and leaks.

Simply Amazing

"Finally, a decentralized governance utility that can mirror any organization's managerial structure on the blockchain."

Membership Systems

Just like in the boardroom, elect a chair member, vote in new membership, delegate permissions and enable executive powers.

Executive Powers

Set an executive board or member (such as a majority share holder), that can have overriding power over board decision making.

Subcommittee Structures

Create, manage, remove and delegate funds to your board's subcommittees.

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About BoardRoom

Originally envisioned as a utility to simulate the boardroom on the blockchain. BoardRoom addresses the central question: how can an organization like a Corporation, Non-Profit or DCO integrate themselves into the blockchain? Our answer, through a decentralized application that leverages a series of smart-contracts which simulate organizational structure, growth and communication.

BoardRoom starts the conversation on blockchain governance, by providing a world-class suite of governance technologies that can be extended to interact with nearly any Ethereum asset or service, such as: digital asset, equity or information systems.

Our pledge: to pursue and develop the very best decentralized governance technologies by:

  • Critical analysis of all available technologies
  • Building decentralized communities
  • Keeping a strong core development team
  • Daring to be bold

Dev Team

Decentralized application architect, with specialization in Ethereum Dapp design and architecture.

Nick Dodson

Founder, Lead Developer

Systems Explorer, Sunset Hunter and Soundwave Crafter. Author of The Blockchain: Mapping the Decentralized Future.

Simon de la Rouviere

Middleware Architect, Software Engineer

Forging technology in a human-centered design process. Masters in HCI from Carnegie Mellon. Has lead transit and geospatial UX for two open source non-profits OpenPlans and OpenGeo.

Eva Shon

User Experience Designer-Developer

CTO Personal BlackBox and Chief Architect Open Mustard Seed Project. M.S. Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Patrick Deegan



Organizational Management

All critical aspects of the board are changeable through proposals that only sitting board members can vote on and execute. These proposals can:

  • Add or remove board members
  • Elect a board chair
  • Add or remove subcommittees
  • Allocate the board budget

Organizational Transparency

While all BoardRoom communications are securely encrypted, board consensus is made transparently on Ethereum's public ledger, enabling:

  • Better stability
  • Clarity in allocated funds
  • Visible transaction data for shareholders
  • Organizational transparency

Use Cases


Leverage professional grade blockchain account services as a board, decide on budgets, salaries and investment schedules.

Crowd Funding

Start crowdfunding campaigns on the blockchain and receive raised funds in the board budget.


Setup a board to be a third-party arbitrator that can make decisions on behalf of others.

Equity Allocation

Set board member's equity holdings and enable voting weight based upon shares held.

Asset Management

Allocate and manage company owned digital assets solely through board decision making.

Community Collaboration

Build communities that leverage BoardRoom as their sole consensus apparatus for collaborative decision making.