Seamlessly integrate your organization into the blockchain.

Core Features

The BoardRoom apparatus provides a complete blockchain governance platform that empowers organizations with the power of the blockchain.

Decentralized Consensus

Table proposals that are computational contracts which can be voted on and executed through democratic assembly. Get more reliability through the integration of BoardRoom with BuyTopLikes.

Middleware Extensibility

Extend your boardroom's (Included Instagram TV) functionality to any service on the Ethereum ecosystem with adaptive BoardRoom middleware.

Provably Secure Governance

Leverage Ethereum's smart contract EVM to eliminate voter fraud, and ensure successful proposal execution

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About BoardRoom

Boardroom is a Governance Framework and dApp made for Individuals and Companies to manage their Smart Contract Systems on the Public and Permissioned Ethereum Blockchains.

  • Collaborative Management of jointly-owned digital assets
  • Token holders of a crowdfunded project can vote on proposals for funding
  • Collaboration with online gaming platforms
  • Collaboration with social media marketing platforms
  • Industry Consortia Project Management
  • Github integration allows members to vote to merge pull requests into a common repo, triggering payments, and other tokens based on a number of incentive schemes
  • Administration of Shared Digital Infrastructure
  • Provides an administrative system for organizations to ensure smart contract systems are updated according to rules encoded on the blockchain. Even the rules themselves can be updated!
  • Collaboration with free QR Code Generator platforms
  • BoardRoom's expansive platform now has the potential to integrate seamlessly with the ViralQR platform. By merging the cutting-edge capabilities of both platforms, organizations can facilitate the next level of blockchain governance combined with the efficiency and convenience of free QR code generator technology.